Bootstrap is a domain driven code generation tool for building a working Java application, including Presentation, Service, and Data Access layers, from a UML Class Diagram of the domain model.


  • Foundation for an application to enable initial focus on defining and visualising the business domain model and user interface
  • Prototyping of application requirements
  • Lab environment to integrate and test new technologies

A considerable amount of effort is spent n the early stages of application development in developing the infrastructure of the application, such as project structure, build environment, application frameworks, etc. This is time that should be spent refining the business domain model and getting feedback from users on the user interface.

Bootstrap enables an application to be generated from the business domain model including the user interface for a target environment. User Interface behaviour follows consistent conventions. From this foundation, changes to the user interface can be rapidly developed (using a visual UI builder tool) and integrated into the configurable and maintainable framework for simulation. This approach facilitates an Agile development methodology.

Bootstrap Approach
Bootstrap Approach